About Us-Worldwide Protective Products


A leading manufacturer of high performance personal protective equipment, Worldwide Protective Products safeguards workers in high-risk industries against potentially disastrous accidents. Our products are sold in the US and worldwide through today’s top safety and multi-line industrial distributors.

The largest US manufacturer of cut-resistant knit gloves

Our primary business is in cut-resistant knit gloves, sleeves and garments, which Worldwide designs and manufactures at production facilities in New York, North Carolina and Massachusetts.

We design and manufacture a variety of high performance yarns featuring unique combinations of cotton, polyester, Kevlar®, Twaron®, Dyneema®, stainless steel and more. Next, we produce more than 500,000 pairs of cut-resistant knit gloves and 110,000 sleeves each week in order to protect workers at companies like General Motors, Toyota, Tyson, Smithfield, Perdue, PPG Industries, Skanska and others.

Worldwide is also the only US manufacturer of steel mesh protective equipment. Made from individually welded stainless steel rings, our US Mesh gloves, sleeves and garments provide outstanding protection for workers in leading beef, pork and poultry processing facilities, as well as foodservice and grocery operations.

Originators of ATA® Gloves and Sleeves

In 2005 a proprietary development in yarn technology led Worldwide to introduce our flagship brand – Advanced Technology Armor® or ATA® – and generated a sea change in the safety glove market, significantly increasing the level of cut protection available while decreasing product costs.

Money-saving, custom-designed products

Today Worldwide has earned a reputation for our willingness to “go off catalog.” If we don’t already make the exact glove, sleeve or garment you need, we’ll work with you to design, fabricate and field test a product to meet your specifications at no extra charge. With our in-depth knowledge of fiber properties and generations of hand safety experience, we can “tweak” anything from yarn composition to product design, fabrication options and value-added finishes to deliver the ideal, cost efficient solution. The bottom line: you never have to accept “good enough” when there’s a manufacturer who’s ready to work with you. 

Mission Statement

Through quality and innovation, Worldwide Protective Products will fulfill our Mission to contribute to a better life for everyone we touch – employees, customers, business partners, working people, families and communities – and have fun along the way. Protecting hands. Protecting the quality of life!


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