MSTW1 Twaron Sleeve

Economical 1-ply arm protection. ANSI level 2 rated for cut protection. Knit with 100% Twaron® fibers, these sleeves give the wearer ANSI level 2 cut protection at a lower cost than typical 2-ply designs. Available in any length, with or without a thumbhole. To order with a thumb hole, add "-T" to the product number after the sleeve length. Made in the USA.


3” wide sleeve
100% Twaron®
Available with or w/out thumb hole
Available in any length
Made in the USA


ANSI level 2 cut resistance
Machine washable
Cool and breathable
Long Lasting


Metal fabrication
Glass handling
Paper manufacturing
Appliance manufacturing
Plastics and molding


Length 10
Product Composition Twaron®
Performance Application Cut Resistance
ANSI Cut Rating Level 2
Case Pack 200 EA
Color Yellow


MSTW1-10, MSTW1-10T, MSTW1-14, MSTW1-14T, MSTW1-18, MSTW1-18T, MSTW1-24, MSTW1-24T