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Claw Cover - Cut Resistant Gloves

In use in several countries around the globe, the Worldwide Protective Products' Claw Cover(TM) line of hand protection is legendary. Claw Cover(TM) gloves represent the core values of Worldwide Protective Products' uncompromising commitment to safeguarding your worker's most vital asset.

In use in countless food processing plants, these high performance fiber blend gloves are the "top of the line" choice for cut and abrasion protection. The unique construction of yarns employed in these products allows the gloves to be exposed to the harshest laundry cycles over and over again, with little to no effect on the gloves protection properties.

Constructed according to FDA 21 CFR 177.2800, Claw Cover(TM) gloves are approved for contact with food in manufacturing / processing environments. 100% Made in the USA, available in two colors (white or gray) and several different weight classes, Claw Cover(TM) gloves are your best choice for extreme hand protection in the most demanding environments.


Claw Cover® C1 Food Glove

Outstanding dexterity and protection. ANSI level A4 cut resistance. The Claw Cover® C1 food processing glove is the ideal choice for knife hand use. It’s a fine, light weight knit that delivers ...

Claw Cover® C2 Food Glove

A versatile choice for knife hand or off hand use. ANSI A5 cut protection. The Claw Cover® C2 food glove is a good solution for food processing where some ...

Claw Cover C3 Food Glove

Significant cut & abrasion resistance. ANSI level A6. The Claw Cover C3 food processing glove is a 10 gauge high-performance synthetic fiber ...

Claw Cover® C4 Food Glove

Comfort and heft many workers prefer. ANSI level A6 cut resistance. The Claw Cover® C4 food glove is a heavy duty choice that feels great on the hand. The ...

Claw Cover™ - Huey Glove

Here’s one of those rare high-performance gloves that delivers outstanding ANSI A7 cut resistance without using steel in the blend. The Claw Cover® Huey ...

Claw Cover C6 Food Glove

First class cut protection in a high performance food glove. ANSI level A7 cut resistance. Designed to protect the off hand, the Claw Cover

Claw Cover™ - C3 Sleeve

The Claw Cover® C3 Sleeve is a 10 gauge High-Performance Synthetic Fiber blend sleeve. ANSI level 5 cut resistance offers good protection. ...

Claw Cover™ - HUEY Sleeve

Delivering outstanding ANSI A6 cut protection, the Claw Cover® Huey sleeve is a 7 gauge High-Performance Synthetic Fiber blend sleeve ...

Claw Cover™ - CS7 Sleeve

A heavy duty, cut resistant sleeve that delivers plenty of protection in a stainless steel-free design. The Claw Cover® CS7 food sleeve scores ANSI ...

Claw Cover™ - MS1097 Sleeve

The Claw Cover® MS-1097 Sleeve is a 7 gauge High-Performance Synthetic Fiber blend sleeve with a stainless steel free design. ANSI level A7 ...

Claw Cover™ - MS1978 Sleeve

The Claw Cover® MS1978 Sleeve is a 7 gauge High-Performance Synthetic Fiber blend sleeve made with stainless steel. ANSI level 5 cut resistance ...

Claw Cover® FS-C53 Foodservice Gloves

Designed to support both food safety and hand safety. Assign different glove colors to specific tasks or work stations to reduce the risk of cross contamination. ANSI A6 cut resistance provides outstanding ...

Claw Cover® FS-C43 Foodservice Gloves

To a chef, slicing, chopping and deboning are second nature; the knife is an extension of the hand. But with high volume, intense heat and a hectic pace, accidents happen. Scoring ANSI A6 cut resistance, ...

Claw Cover® FS-C33 Foodservice Gloves

A high visibility orange band at the cuff makes it easy to confirm workers are properly protected with ANSI A5 cut resistance. On busy shifts, cuts from knives and other sharp blades are foreseeable ...

Claw Cover® FS-C23 Foodservice Gloves

This light weight foodservice glove fits like a second skin and gives the wearer maximum fingertip sensitivity and manual dexterity. Yet it still delivers ANSI A4 cut protection. Our precise blend ...