Foodservice->Multipurpose Gloves

Supporting safety throughout the house

The benefits of wearing knit gloves extend beyond cut resistance. The foodservice gloves you’ll find within this group provide protection in a variety of ways. Like extraordinary resistance to high temperatures. Thermal gloves ideal for protection in a cooler or freezer area. Gloves with PVC patterns added to the palms to improve gripping power. And more. While you certainly want hands in direct contact with food to be wearing gloves that are 21 CFR certified food safe, you can save money by choosing one of these multi purpose gloves for other tasks.

458 Palm Coated Gloves

These general purpose palm-coated gloves are ideal for clean up applications where cut resistance is not required. Light weight 458 poly/cotton gloves feature a seamless knit design for great fit ...

M13TM Warm Glove Liners

In the cold, hands stay warm thanks to the thermal properties of our M13TM thermal glove liners. These fine, 13 gauge gloves feature a polyester and Lycra blend. Good stretch means one size fits most ...

505 Palm Coated Gloves

Known for great fit, flexibility and dexterity, 505 gloves score ANSI level A4 cut resistance. Slip them on, and in minutes they'll conform to your hands. The secret is in our thin, black hybrid ...

MATA30PL-PD1 Gloves with Grip Dots


These 7 gauge ATA® /cotton plated knit gloves with PVC dots on 1 side are one of the first products ever desgined with ATA® technology. Years later it still remains one of ...

M2K30-NW2 Heat Resistant Gloves

ANSI A3 cut resistance plus heat protection. Made with Kevlar® fiber, these are heavy weight, heat resistant gloves that won’t burn, support combustion ...

M2NOM/CP30 Heat Resistant Gloves

100% DuPont™ Nomex® fibers are inherently resistant to flames and high temperatures. That means M2NOM/CP30 gloves will not catch fire, melt or drip – even if exposed to an open flame. ...

IM2270 ECO Gloves

IM2270 gloves give you a very economical choice in knit gloves for general purpose use where cut resistance is not required. Part of our ECO Gloves line, these Earth-friendly gloves are made ...