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Cut resistant sleeve MSK-18T-90.jpg
MSK-18T-90 Reinforced Sleeve

Para-aramid cut resistant sleeve is reinforced for advanced arm protection against cuts and heat. For tasks that put the forearm at risk, turn to the unique MSK–18T–90 sleeve. We start ...

S-2x1 Arc Rated Sleeve

Get arc flash protection in a cut resistant sleeve. ANSI level 4 cut protection. A good choice for electricians installing circuit breakers, generators and more. And with ANSI level 4 cut resistance, ...

MSATA2000 ANSI A6 Sleeve

Arm protection reaches new levels with the MSATA2000 cut resistant sleeve, scoring a remarkable ANSI level A6 cut resistance. This medium weight, 1-ply safety sleeve is designed using high-performance ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Exceptional cut level and wear life. Scores a formidable ANSI A5 cut resistance! Yet the new MSULTRAHVO2 cut resistant ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Substantial durability plus moisture-wicking comfort. This comfortable, 2-ply sleeve delivers ANSI level A4 cut ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Outstanding stretch delivers a most comfortable sleeve. ANSI A4 cut resistance, too. The MSULTRAHVO2X2.5 cut resistant ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Parabolic sleeve features tremendous comfort and cut protection. Start with ANSI A4 cut resistance with the MSX5ULTRAHVO ...