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Cut resistant sleeve MSK-18T-90.jpg
MSK-18T-90 Reinforced Sleeve

Reinforced for advanced arm protection against cuts and heat. For tasks that put the forearm at risk, turn to the unique MSK–18T–90 safety sleeve. For all-over ANSI A4 cut protection, ...

S-2x1 Extra Wide Sleeve

Big protection for big arms. The S-2X1 sleeve scores ANSI level A5 cut resistance without being the least bit bulky. And at 5” wide, it can be layered over a shirt, a sweatshirt, or worn on ...

MSATA2000 ANSI A6 Sleeve

Arm protection reaches new levels with the MSATA2000 cut resistant sleeve, scoring a remarkable ANSI level A6 cut resistance. This medium weight, 1-ply safety sleeve is designed using high-performance ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Exceptional cut level and wear life. Scores a formidable ANSI A5 cut resistance! Yet the new MSULTRAHVO2 cut resistant ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Substantial durability plus moisture-wicking comfort. This comfortable, 2-ply sleeve delivers ANSI level A4 cut ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Outstanding stretch delivers a most comfortable sleeve. ANSI A4 cut resistance, too. The MSULTRAHVO2X2.5 cut resistant ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Parabolic sleeve features tremendous comfort and cut protection. Start with ANSI A4 cut resistance with the MSX5ULTRAHVO ...