Black Nomex® Flight Glove with black leather. Worldwide Protective Products flight glove series is one of the most premier lines of flyers gloves on the market today. Manufactured to the US Department of Defense specification MIL-DTL-81188C, these gloves feature Nomex fabric and genuine hair sheepskin antiperspirant leather. Flash fire protection and excellent finger dexterity make this product great for use in the cockpit as well as in combat on the ground. (Available in standard import version and TAA aproved version.)


SIZES 5-12


Product Composition Nomex
Case Pack N/A
Color Black


FG-B-5, FG-B-6, FG-B-7, FG-B-8, FG-B-9, FG-B-10, FG-B-11, FG-B-12