MSATA2000 ANSI A6 Sleeve

Arm protection reaches new levels with the MSATA2000 cut resistant sleeve, scoring a remarkable ANSI level A6 cut resistance. This medium weight, 1-ply safety sleeve is designed using high-performance ATA® technology with stainless steel fiber to offer tremendous cut protection. The MSATA2000 is also highly resistant to abrasion and wear, giving the wearer top of the line protection with a comfortable fit. Made in the USA by Worldwide. When cut and abrasion hazards reach behind the hands, reach for the MSATA2000 sleeve.


ANSI level 5 cut protection


Metal fabrication
Glass handling
Pulp and paper


Length Any Length
Gauge 10
Product Composition ATA®
ANSI Cut Rating Level A6
Case Pack 144 ea.
Color Green


MSATA2000-10, MSATA2000-12, MSATA2000-14, MSATA2000-16, MSATA2000-18 With Optional Thumbhole: MSATA2000-10T, MSATA2000-12T, MSATA2000-14T, MSATA2000-16T, MSATA2000-18T