Food Processing->Cut Resistant Gloves

Claw Cover® C1 Food Glove

Outstanding dexterity and protection. ANSI level A4 cut resistance. The Claw Cover® C1 food processing glove is the ideal choice for knife hand use. It’s a fine, ultra light weight knit ...

Claw Cover® C2 Food Glove

A versatile choice for knife hand or off hand use. ANSI A5 cut protection. The Claw Cover® C2 food glove is a good solution for food processing where some ...

Claw Cover C3 Food Glove

Significant cut & abrasion resistance. ANSI level A6. The Claw Cover C3 food processing glove is a 10 gauge high-performance synthetic fiber ...

Claw Cover® C4 Food Glove

Comfort and heft many workers prefer. ANSI level A6 cut resistance. The Claw Cover® C4 food glove is a heavy duty choice that feels great on the hand. The ...

Claw Cover™ - Huey

The Claw Cover® Huey is a 7 gauge High-Performance Synthetic Fiber blend glove that offers maximum protection in a heavy weight design. ...

Claw Cover C6 Food Glove

First class cut protection in a high performance food glove. ANSI level A6 cut resistance. Designed to protect the off hand, the Claw Cover

Claw Cover® C5CMX Food Glove

Scoring ANSI level A6 for cut resistance, the Claw Cover® C5CMX food processing glove protects the off hand against the cut hazards typically seen in the food processing industry. Blending high-performance ...

Claw Cover® FS-C33 Foodservice Gloves

A high visibility orange band at the cuff makes it easy to confirm workers are properly protected with ANSI A5 cut resistance. On busy shifts, cuts from knives and other sharp blades are foreseeable ...

Claw Cover® FS-C23 Foodservice Gloves

This ultra light weight foodservice glove fits like a second skin and gives the wearer maximum fingertip sensitivity and manual dexterity. Yet it still delivers ANSI A4 cut protection. Our precise ...

M2NOM/CP30 Heat Resistant Gloves

100% DuPont™ Nomex® fibers are inherently resistant to flames and high temperatures. That means M2NOM/CP30 gloves will not catch fire, melt or drip – even if exposed to an open flame. ...