An incredibly versatile piece of arm protection, Worldwide Protective Products exclusive MS2X1HA sleeve features our proprietary ATA® Hide-Away™ fiber, and delivers ANSI cut level 4 protection. Using the latest state of the art knitting technology, this sleeve is designed primarily for use in “over clothing” applications. However, it's also comfortable enough to be worn directly on the arm. The MS2X1HA is truly a revolution in the arm protection industry, and available only from Worldwide Protective Products.  


ATA® HideAway™ fibers
Exclusive 2x1 knit
Stay-up elastic top
Made with ATA® Technology
Available with or without a thumbhole
Available in any length
Made in the USA


ANSI cut level 4 protection
Long lasting / durable
High level protection at a low cost
Machine washable
Cool and breathable
Darker color hides dirt and soiling
Fits easily over clothing


Metal fabrication
Glass handling
Paper manufacturing
Appliance manufacturing
Plastics and molding
Quality control & inspection


Length 14
Product Composition ATA®
Performance Application Cut Resistance
ANSI Cut Rating Level 4
Case Pack 200 EA
Color Green, Yellow


MS2x1HA-14, MS2x1HA-14T, MS2x1HA-18, MS2x1HA-18T, MS2x1HA-24, MS2x1HA-24T