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A Cut Resistant Sleeve for Every Need

You may know Worldwide as a leading manufacturer of made in USA work gloves. But did you know we are also the largest US manufacturer of knit cut resistant sleeves? Worldwide Protective Products produces more than 110,000 protective sleeves every week in our manufacturing facility outside of Buffalo, NY

We are licensed to manufacture cut resistant sleeves using DuPont brand Kevlar® fiber, and make a variety of Kevlar sleeve styles including 100% Kevlar sleeves.

Arm protection from Worldwide also includes Advanced Technology Armor® or ATA® sleeves featuring high strength, high tech fibers for the highest protection levels.

You’ll also discover that Worldwide is leading in new cut resistant sleeve technology and design. The cut resistant MSMACBKCM sleeve is also a flame and heat resistant sleeve. With more than 10” of stretch, users consider the MS1ATA2X2.5 sleeve a best sleeve for big arms. For safety managers looking for the highest protection levels, our new MSATA2000 delivers an extraordinary ANSI level A6 cut resistance in a medium weight, 1-ply arm guard.

Finally, in addition to arm guards for industrial use, Worldwide also makes cut resistant sleeves for food processing and foodservice workers. Look for Claw Cover® sleeves in the Food Processing area of our website.


Expect great cut, abrasion and heat resistance from this 100% para-aramid  sleeve. The 2-ply MSK sleeve delivers ANSI A3 cut resistance, protecting the full ...


100% para-aramid  sleeves offer great cut, abrasion, and heat resistance. This lightweight 1-ply sleeve is 3" in width and offers ANSI cut level A2 protection.  ...

MSK-18T-90 Reinforced Sleeve

Reinforced for advanced arm protection against cuts and heat. For tasks that put the forearm at risk, turn to the unique MSK–18T–90 safety sleeve. For all-over ANSI A3/A4 cut protection, ...

MSK-SU No-Slip Sleeve

This 100% para-aramid sleeve delivers ANSI level A2 cut protection plus an outstanding level of comfort. The 2-ply cut resistant design puts a soft layer against your skin, while the No-Slip Arm Band ...


A 2-ply sleeve designed for comfort and protection, with para-aramid on the outside and natural cotton on the inside. Scores ANSI A2 cut resistance. Worldwide's MSKC sleeve is often chosen because ...

MSKC-SU No-Slip Sleeve

Comfort and cut protection come together in the MSKC-SU 2-ply cut resistant sleeve. Para-aramid on the outside provides ANSI A2 cut protection, while natural cotton on the inside against your skin ...

MSTW Twaron Sleeve

Tried, tested and true arm protection. Delivering ANSI level A3 cut protection plus great resistance to conductive heat. Knit with 100% Twaron® fibers ...

MSTW1 Twaron Sleeve

Economical 1-ply arm protection. ANSI level A2 rated for cut protection. Knit with 100% Twaron® fibers, these sleeves give the wearer ANSI level A2 cut protection at a lower cost than typical ...


An incredibly versatile piece of arm protection, Worldwide Protective Products exclusive MS2X1HA sleeve features our proprietary ATA® Hide-Away™ ...


We added a cotton lining to our versatile MS2X1HA sleeve for increased comfort and protection. The result is the MS2X1HAC, featuring our proprietary ATA® Hide-Away™ fiber to delive ANSI ...

MSATAGLO High Vis Sleeve

A unique, high visibility sleeve with a superior level of cut resistance. ATA® Glo-Tec™ is the answer to your arm protection needs. With the added benefit of high-visibility, Glo-Tec™ ...


ANSI level A4 cut protection in a single ply design. The MSATAC sleeve features our proprietary Advanced Technology Armor® (ATA®) technology for premier arm protection. These 1-ply sleeves ...


Comfortable and light weight, with ANSI A2 cut protection. For moderate cut and abrasion hazards that extend beyond the hands, look to the MSATP sleeve. Worldwide's exclusive ATA technology means ...

S-2x1 Extra Wide Sleeve

Big protection for big arms. The S-2X1 sleeve scores ANSI level A5 cut resistance without being the least bit bulky. And at 5” wide, it can be layered over a shirt, a sweatshirt, or worn on ...

MSATAHA Hide-Away Sleeve

1-ply sleeves made with ATA® Hide-Away™ technology. These sleeves offer ANSI level A4 cut protection in a light weight 1-ply design for a cooler, more comfortable fit plus more protective ...

MSK-100 Kevlar Sleeve

Count on this light weight, 100% Kevlar® sleeve to protect against heat and flames and as well as cuts and slashes. The MSK-100 sleeve scores ANSI A3 cut resistance. ...

MSDYD- 1BT Dyneema Sleeve

Get ANSI level A2 protection against cuts and slashes, plus remarkable durability with the MSDYD- 1BT sleeve featuring ATA® protection powered by Dyneema® Diamond ...

MSDYD Dyneema Sleeve

Get ANSI level A2 protection against cuts and slashes, plus remarkable durability with the MSDYD sleeve featuring ATA® protection powered by Dyneema® Diamond Technology. 

MSDYD- T Dyneema Sleeve

Get ANSI level A2 protection against cuts and slashes, plus remarkable durability with the MSDYD sleeve featuring ATA® protection powered by Dyneema® Diamond ...

MS1ATA2X2.5 Stretch Sleeve

Not too tight, not too hot. ANSI level A4 cut protection. The guy in this photo is a champion power lifter. We’re talking huge arms. But thanks to this extreme stretch sleeve, it fits. Thanks ...

MSATA2000 ANSI A6 Sleeve

Arm protection reaches new levels with the MSATA2000 cut resistant sleeve, scoring a remarkable ANSI level A6 cut resistance. This medium weight, 1-ply safety sleeve ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Comfortable, light weight arm protection. This ANSI level A3 cut resistant sleeve is just 1 ply thick, so it breathes ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Exceptional cut level and wear life. Scores a formidable ANSI A5 cut resistance! Yet the new MSULTRAHVO2 cut resistant ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Substantial durability plus moisture-wicking comfort. This comfortable, 2-ply sleeve delivers ANSI level A4 cut ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Outstanding stretch delivers a most comfortable sleeve. ANSI A4 cut resistance, too. The MSULTRAHVO2X2.5 cut resistant ...


New ATA® ULTRA Sleeve

Parabolic sleeve features tremendous comfort and cut protection. Start with ANSI A4 cut resistance with the MSX5ULTRAHVO ...