Cut Resistant Gloves

Worldwide Protective Products offers a very diverse line of industrial grade cut resistant gloves. Cut Resistant gloves provide protection to your most vital assets in the most demanding jobs. Our cut resistant standards are based on ANSI cut ratings which are governed by ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) testing method F1790-97 and are achieved by the CPPT tester. The CPPT results indicate the load or weight (in grams) applied that is required to cut the material at a certain distance of blade travel across the product, also know as the Rating Force. These results are then compared to the ANSI/ISEA 105-2005 table of Classification for Cut Resistance and the glove's cut resistance level (1 through 5) is determined. The higher the Rating Force, the more cut resistant the material is considered.

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ANSI Cut Level Classifications

Cut Performance Level    

Weight (in grams) Needed to Cut Through Material

ASTM Testing Method - F1790-97

Level 1             >/= 200g
Level 2      >/= 500g
Level 3      >/= 1000g
Level 4      >/= 1500g
Level 5      >/= 3500g